In 2007 the comedy-drama film "The Bucket List" starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson hit the screens which follows two terminally ill men on a road trip with a wish list of things to do before they "kick the bucket.

I think about this theory and it reminds me much of the New Years resolutions we make combined with the ability to take our dreams and wishes to another level. 

I always thought it would be fun to have a "Bucket List" party and learn what aspirations others secretly hope for.  I don't look at it as "kicking the bucket", but more as what do I want to do to live my life to the fullest?  How fast our days pass, and while it's a rainy weekend here, I find myself contemplating what would I put on my "Bucket List"?  

Here are some of the things I'm contemplating and a few that I've done: 

Ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (now that I almost conquered my fear of horses...well, kind of)

Horseback riding on the beach (I know, it's that horse thing again)

Have a private, romantic, gourmet candlelit dinner on the ocean

Live in a foreign country for six months

Ride a gondola in Venice

Learn to surf

Drive the Autobahn in a classic convertible with my favorite music blaring

Go up in a hot-air balloon (not too sure about the landing part though)

Be on the cover of a magazine (with a full makeover of course - a little vain, but I still think it would be fun to be pampered)

Publish a book

Sample authentic food from every cuisine

Swim under a remote waterfall

Get my hair cut into a pixie style

Own my own business (check on that one!)

Mardi Gras (I know, how sad)

Learn to salsa dance and be good at it

Have my dream cottage on the beach of an ocean (my BIGGEST aspiration)

Those are some of my highlights.  Pretty simple but it's fun to dream.  Now, where is your pen and paper?  Get that list going and start living life to the fullest. 

Feel free to add your ideas and have fun imagining the possibilities!